About Us



The Society of Nurses in Advanced Practice was founded in 1994 and established as a not-for-profit organization in 2000 to:

1) participate in activities that are charitable, scientific, and educational in nature;

2) promote professional growth; and

3) provide support for Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs).



Currently, more than 100 members take part in a variety of activities which focus on meeting the goals identified in SNAP's mission.

SNAP provides scientific, educational opportunities in the form of dinner programs and continuing education workshops. These activities provide APNs with essential information to excel in clinical practice. In addition, the APNs within SNAP are active in the local community. SNAP has provided significant charitable support to local organizations including the Angel Tree Program, Hurricane Katrina Relief, the St. Clare Clinic, the Catherine McAuley Clinic, Brother's Keeper, and local food pantries.

SNAP promotes professional growth through support of the Northwest Indiana Nursing Research Consortium and scholarship opportunities, as well as individual links to precepting and mentoring.

SNAP provides support for APNs through an extensive networking system which includes a website, database, and email communication with members. Members are made aware of legislative issues impacting advanced practice nursing, employment opportunities, and updates in standards of clinical practice.