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SNAP-Society of Nurses in Advanced Practice
P.O. Box 11496
Merrillville, IN 46411-1496


Bobbi Schwabe, President - Responsible for the organization's mission and direction including adherence to bylaws and representation at local, state and national levels. or

Suzanne Ruiz, Vice President - Responsible for developing the Annual Pharmacology CE Event & responsible for website maintenance in conjunction with the web master

Lindsay Munden, Secretary - responsible for organizing and maintaining paper and electronic files as well as written correspondence

Collette Walters, Treasurer - responsible for funds taken in and sent out from the organization, membership, annual budget preparation and financial reports

Kathy Carlson, Board Member - responsible for coordinating monthly dinner programs sponsored by pharmaceutical representatives, private practices and vendors or

Nancy White, Board Member - responsible for supplemental tasks as needed by all board members or

Barbara Chavez, Board member - responsible for assisting in the management of membership or
Renee Fife, Board Member - responsible for supplementary tasks as needed by all Board Members
Christine Zgorka, Board Member - responsible for managing Board nominations and voting